Professional Opportunities

Our practice seeks to expand to a group of several psychiatrists each committed to the study and treatment of cyclic affective disorders. We are looking for psychiatrists that either have a preexisting expertise/competence and/or those who are willing to learn and commit themselves to this area over time. As reflected elsewhere on this site, we each have a strong background in dynamic psychiatry and psychotherapy and believe that this is a necessary component to quality treatment of individuals with chronic mood disorders. In addition, we are an academically-oriented practice: we are each involved in residency education, professional presentations, study groups and keeping abreast of the scientific literature on affective disorders. Therefore, applicants should have a background and interest in each of these three areas: affective disorders, dynamic psychotherapy and academic/scholarly development. Interested candidates can send their CV's to


In addition to psychiatrists, we are seeking a clinical psychologist with a strong background in cognitive behavioral therapy and an expertise in mood disorders and/or ADHD to help us develop clinical programs and provide direct patient care. This psychologist would be responsible for establishing a treatment program for adults with bipolar depression using behavioral activation, IPSRT and/or CBT. A second practice need would be the development of a CBT program for adults with ADHD utilizing either meta-cognitive therapy, psychoeducation, cognitive remediation or traditional cognitive behavioral therapy.

Our ideal applicant would have clinical expertise in one or both of the above areas and enough research experience to help us establish preliminary data collection and analysis procedures so that we could begin practice-based outcome research. Of these two areas, expertise with recurrent mood disorders would be more important. For someone with this background, our group would support additional training in ADHD.

This is a full-time position. We are looking for an applicant that can help our group grow through the development of new programs, the provision of excellent clinical care, and the initiation of research and scholarly efforts. This position would be appropriate for a mature, experienced candidate finishing post-doctorate training, or a junior or mid-level academic psychologist interested in moving into a private practice setting. Applicant should be licensed in the State of Illinois or eligible for immediate licensing. Interested candidates can send their CV's to