What We Do

what we doWe care for the entire range of treatment needs of people dealing with recurrent mood problems and our other areas of clinical focus.

We provide biologically-based treatments, a variety of individual psychotherapies, psychoeducation and family counseling.

Our biological treatments include psychopharmacology and psychiatric chronotherapy (a set of circadian rhythm-shifting techniques, including bright light therapy and sleep-wake cycle modifications).

Our psychotherapeutic work includes traditional dynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral treatment, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, behavioral activation, and family-focused counseling to help both patients and relatives adjust to the effects of various mood disorders.

We consult to other health professionals, Employee Assistance Providers, businesses, schools and family members who are treating, working with or living with someone with a mood illness.

In addition to recurrent mood disorders, our other areas of clinical emphasis are obsessive compulsive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

This website is offered as an educational tool and a referral resource for patients seeking psychiatric treatment. No treatment is being offered at this site and nothing should be construed to the contrary. Evaluations of mental health needs should be done with qualified professionals directly.